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After graduating high school Russ attended Northwestern college in Lima Ohio for auto repair. After college he started out at a new car dealership as an auto technician where he advanced over the years and received his A.S.E. certifications. Russ founded R&L Automotive and the rest was history.

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Customer Reviews

These guys helped restore my faith in humanity that not everyone wants to screw you over!I brought in a little beater car that I had only had for a month. It was having trouble starting amongst other things. They looked over it and tried their best to fix it for me, but in the end there were too many things wrong and would end up costing me more than I bought the car for. They were extremely kind showing me all of the problems and explained with brutal honesty that they could not do much for me. In the end they didn’t overcharge me for all the time spent with my car because they knew I couldn’t afford it and they couldn’t get it working well anyway.Thanks guys. I’m sorry my car was/is such a disappointment. I’ll be back in with a better car next time 😂😂
12:27 18 Nov 20
I got referred from a friend to go to R & L Auto to replace my alternator. Russ was extremely professional on the phone, and explained that it would take 2-3hrs. My vehicle was ready promptly and efficiently. I definitely would refer these mechanics!!!
Stephanie McCowan
Stephanie McCowan
20:18 03 Nov 20
Handy to home, enroute to & from work. Fast in estimates AND repairs.
Bruce Tippy
Bruce Tippy
12:27 23 Oct 20
Excellent customer service. Technician was waiting for me when I arrived. Very friendly, efficient service and very reasonable prices. Definitely recommend folks give them a call for your vehicle maintenance/repairs
Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts
12:04 14 Oct 20
Great group of guys! Always honest and will let you know exactly what is wrong. Reasonable prices.
Michelle Schnotala
Michelle Schnotala
16:05 08 Sep 20
Thank you guys for all the amazing work you have done on my lincoln it runs amazing. I will never take it anywhere else . Amazing prices and top knotch work.
billy harman
billy harman
11:52 03 Sep 20
I have a 2002 Chevy truck that needed a shackle replaced. I always educate myself on any automotive repair via YouTube and I get parts and labor prices from several sources so I am informed when I call to get estimates. I got a phone quote from R&L that seemed fair and the Guy on the phone had good phone skills. When I brought the truck in things changed I was told that they have to take a look at it to confirm the phone quote, they confirmed the Phone quote but with a higher price, I agreed to the increase of $50.00 because I was there and I wanted the truck repaired, although I had two other shops quote $150 over the phone and I knew the repair would not be difficult. I left my truck there and went home later I had to run some errands their shop is not far from my house, driving by and I saw my truck sitting outside so I stopped in and I had the pleasure of meeting the rude arrogant owner. Not only did they not call me and tell me that they wanted to replace the entire leaf spring and that it would be several hundred dollars more but the owner argued with me over the repair and said —Quote—do I want to spend several hundred dollars more on labor or parts. I am almost 60 years old and a car enthusiast, meaning I typically have a multiple different types of vehicles especially Jaguars, not bragging you just get a lot a car for your money with the right models. So I am no stranger to automotive repair shops. I’ve heard of stories like this with deceptive automotive repair shops but I’ve never blatantly experienced it until this moment. I removed my truck from the premises. Took the truck about a mile up the road they had my vehicle fixed with a new Shackle in less than two hours for $150 without any hassle, confusion or deception just a quick easy repair (like I knew it would be) done properly and honestly by Tom Steele tire. After the physical inspection R&L Increased the price of a simple common shackle remove and replace $50 which was OK but that wasn’t good enough for them they wanted to add several hundred dollars onto the quote for an unnecessary repair. If I would have left my truck to be repaired by them a $150 repair would’ve turned into well over $500 through R&L be very careful of these people, this is the type of auto repair shop that gives the industry a deceptive price gouging reputation. They have very good phone skills to get you in the door it’s what happens after.Thank you for your reply to my review Russ, Stealing has always been a rub of mine. An unnecessary Leaf spring replacement rather than a simple shackle replacement U stated you needed additional parts and labor, which u did not, you tried to set me up to have me pay for an unnecessary leafspring replacement, charge me for extra parts and labor that were COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. That is stealing anyway you look at it! The other shop removed and replaced the shackle with no issues, extra charges, extra parts, extra labor in an hour an half, actually it was even less than that they called me in an hour and a half. You actually had the gall to call where I had the repair done, that takes …..,That shop is where I want to maintain a relationship for future auto repairs. What’d u say to to them, You’re POS, U tried to up charge a simple common $150 repair to over $500. Being an informed consumer pays off especially when dealing with people like you. prime example why your industry gets a bad rap. Plz c my review on this simple repair from Tom steel tire. As far as your oil change, scrw me once shame on you scrw me twice shame on me.
Lincoln Colt
Lincoln Colt
19:55 13 Jul 20
Russ and his team are the best!!! Fair, honest, no b.s. Thanks for everything!Connie
20:51 20 May 20
I have my vehicles exclusively worked on by Rich and Russ at R&L. They provide top notch service and the pricing is unbeatable. If you’re in the Fort Wayne area and need basic maintenance or a major repair on any vehicle, please visit these guys. They go above and beyond for their customers. 5 stars for sure!
Patrick Peeler
Patrick Peeler
13:41 06 May 20
These guys are the best in town I’ve dealt with them for this past year and they’re always courteous and have fair pricing and do a great job in handling whatever you need done with your vehicle I’m glad that I found these guys and they have my business for life. I highly recommend them you won’t be disappointed
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones
16:13 10 Jan 20
Cheapest fully synthetic oil change on the market. Did my oil super fast too. Amazing value.
Dave Stewart
Dave Stewart
14:06 23 Oct 19
This is a great Auto shop! From the first call through the service and follow up, all of my interactions were very professional and courteous. The rate was very reasonable for the work done. I will definitely continue to use them and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Kenneth Thomas
Kenneth Thomas
21:31 23 Sep 19
Russ is such a nice guy; very courteous & friendly. They did a wonderful job on my car, which needed some pretty extensive work. They had it done in a timely manner & kept me informed. They also did the work for a reasonable, honest amount of money. My car was clean & all issues taken care of upon pick-up. So glad to have found R&L & will definitely recommend & return with other issues I may have.
Diane McCrady
Diane McCrady
21:15 18 Jul 19
Russ is pretty trustworthy from what I’ve found so far. Is pretty seasoned in the Auto field and gives great advice on what kind of moves you should make if you have car problems and he’s also pretty realistic. Has done several services on my car and I’ve had no problems to date. Highly recommend all, and especially to people skeptical about where is a good place to have your worked on
Carnell Young
Carnell Young
03:00 10 Jul 19

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